Model Building Secrets

From big to Small I can Build it All

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a model cost?

The cost of a model varies widely depending on size, type and complexity. I am happy to provide a cost estimate for any model you are looking to have made.

How long does a model take?

A model can take as little as a few hours up to several months to create. It all depends on the size, design and complexity of the model 

How long of a lead time do you need for a model?

Lead times vary depending on the size of the model. For a smaller model (1-3 feet) a 4-6 week lead time is best. For models over 3 feet lead time can vary between 3-6 months. For custom kits a 3-6 month lead time is best.

Any models needed in a faster time frame will incur rush fees. 

How big can you make something?

I can make something as big or as small as you like. Only your budget will limit the size. 

Can you build the model onsite?

Yes, I have created many models over the years for trade shows, events, and team building events all over the US. 

What kind of models can you make?

I can make pretty much anything. My motto is "From Big to Small I can Build it All!" I've made everything from company logos, architectural replicas, life size figures, giant sculptures, vehicle replicas and much more.