Portfolio 3

Capoeira Mosaic:

This mosaic was made for Elias Fonseca of Capoeira Quilombo as a Christmas gift in 2005.  Elias teaches Mariann in the Brazilian Martial arts and is the only capoeira master in the world with his logo in LEGO brick. 

Mini Lion Sculpture:

Although only one foot tall, this model is still one of Mariann's most favorite that she has created.  A lot of tricks were used to make the flowing mane and fur look just right on this model.

Halloween Scene:

Mariann was asked to make a LEGO model and instructions for the Fall 2008 issue of BrickJournal.  She is now a regular contributor to the LEGO fan magazine.

Mini empire State Building:

Sometimes Mariann likes to build a LEGO model that doesn't end up looking like a LEGO model.

This is an example of "studless" model building (studs are the round knobs on the top of LEGO bricks).


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