LEGO Batman Mosaic

Warner Brothers Interactive commissioned Mariann  to design this mosaic for their LEGO Batman the Video Game Launch Party that was held at the Natural History Museum in New York city.

LEGO Batman the Video Game Logo

Not only did she design the video game cover art, she also designed the logo for the game as well.

Champagne Bottle:

Although this model looks fairly straight forward, it has hidden secret.  It was designed to not only be able to be held by the neck and swung, but also to break apart- over and over again.


Mini Wall-e

He may be small, but he gets the job done.

Although this model is only 3 inches high, the head can move up, down and swivel. Also, with a little bit of glue, his arms can be positioned too.

Mini Dragon

This model was one of Mariann's first intricate mini design sculptures.  It was made to promote the Knights Tournament ride at LEGOLAND California.  Getting all the details right was specially important.


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