Welcome all!
Ever wanted to build fantastic LEGO models like the pros?

Have you searched high and low for information on how to build with LEGO only to find there isn't much out there?

If you are new to building with LEGO, or just want to be better at it, then this is the site!

Or are you are looking for someone to create a fantastic Custom LEGO model? Mariann can build it for you.

Mariann Asanuma is a former Master Model Designer for LEGOLAND California.  Now as the world's first female Freelance LEGO artist and writer, she is here to teach you!  Learn a new way of thinking about LEGO model building and design.

Model Building Secrets is your gateway into learning the tips tricks of LEGO building used by Master Model Designers all over the world.  

Through her series of "Building Secrets from the Masters" books you can learn all the techniques that the professional Master Model Designers use. 




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